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Need a Painter? Looking for an Expert? We make it easy to get your Home or Commercial Building painted, fast. From Booking your estimate online to our scheduling capabilities, we truly care about our customers, and guarantee you the very best in a Las Vegas Painting Company. Give us a call if you need the following.

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Las Vegas House Painters: Painting is a task just about anyone can do. In fact all you need these days to call yourself a contractor is a Homemade business card and a pick up truck. But in fact we are different. Experts at Painting. We provide our Las Vegas House Painting customers with a top quality job, done with the very best or premium materials and we deliver the best customer service as well. We are obsessed with making our customers happy. In fact we have over 2,000 satisfied customers and counting. Most contractors and painters for that matter you will find are not great at customer service. We are different we make the entire process as easy for you as possible.

Las Vegas Commercial Painters: As a top Las Vegas Commercial Painting Company, we know what it takes to deliver superior results to our customers. We know what is important to a commercial builder and what is’nt. For example just being reliable is one of the most important parts to any Las Vegas Commercial Painting project.

Las Vegas Drywall Repair: Drywall Repair is a skillset that many Las Vegas Drywall Contractors have not mastered. To be able to match a texture in a heavily lit area or to finish a wall so well, that when the bottom half has been completely removed and replaced, no one can tell.

Las Vegas Wallpaper Removal: Removing wallpaper is one of the many skills we have obtained over the past 20 years. Removing wallpaper can be only half of what it takes to make a project look good. The second step usually is getting the walls ready for paint. This requires first sealing the walls once wearing wallpaper and next applying several coats of a drywall compound to skim coat the walls. Once the walls are sanded and touched up and ready for paint, we will apply a thin coat of primer to accent any marks or areas that need a little touch up. Once thats done and the walls are ready, we will apply a full coat of primer and next followed by 2-3 coats of a premium finish for the best looking wall we can produce. Our walls that have had wallpaper removed look brand new.

Las Vegas Wallpaper Hanging: Installing wallpaper is a task that must be done by an expert. Knowing where to start and how the surface of a wall will end is critical to any professional wallpaper installation. Not to mention knowing how to wrap corners, remove blisters in the paper and match patterns is all a part of a professional job. Contact Us Today for a Free Wallpaper Install Estimate.

Las Vegas All Surface Painting: We paint most all man made surfaces, including wood, metal and concrete surfaces. Not every surface is meant to receive the same type or make up of paint. For example, Paint Manufactures make both an interior and exterior paint. Interior paint for example will not hold up in a wet damp environment like an exterior paint product will. Or a metal hand rail for example will need a different paint product to be applied than a standard interior wall will. We Guarantee you a professional job, every time. We also Guarantee to help you choose the correct product for your desired outcome and purpose with your next painting project.

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